A single
platform &
new UI.

Problem / opportunity.

Due to the success of the Sky Bet product, customer numbers were increasing exponentially on a daily basis. This meant a continuously increasing load on the platform from a tech POV.

A decision had to be made on how to stabilise the platform and enable growth moving forward, this was a two-pronged attack from the tech & product/UX design teams.


After a week long tribe-wide set of workshops, ideation sessions and discussions it was agreed to “turn off” part of the tech stack (the legacy desktop site) and concentrate on reinvigorating the static mobile site to become a single responsive platform.

On a user experience and product tip, this also gave us the opportunity to improve what had become quite an inconsistent UI, whilst improving the UX and delivering some new more consistent ways of working.

Reviewing the exisiting mobile site design with tech stakeholders
Responsibilities & processes.


UX, UI, Leadership


iOS, Android, Web


New responsive platform, design library / component library, improved ways of working bewteen design and tech teams.

I lead the team on the delivery of the single responsive platform and design system through:

  • Collaboration with the entire tribe and wider business through workshops, ideation sessions and sharing of progress.

  • Engagement with our customers, research, customer experience teams to ensure any developments that were made were the right ones for Sky Bet's customers.

  • Stakeholder management, from product through to director level.

  • Developing the relationship with our design partners and master brand at Sky & Sky Sports.

  • Industry & competitor analysis.

  • Design concepts and prototyping for user testing through to delivering on the UI/UX vision.

  • Monitoring of performance, A/B testing, iteration and optimisation (backed by research, data and customer insight and sentiment).

  • A documented design system and component library, on-boarding the design & UX team to this whilst leading on the handover to development squads and monitoring it’s implementation.


…and lots, lots more as you can no doubt imagine!

Sky Bet UI - Colours
Sky Bet UI - Buttons
Sky Bet UI - Chips
Sky Bet UI - Outcomes
Sky Bet UI - Markets
Sky Bet UI - Responsiveness
Sky Bet Home Page
Sky Bet Football Event Page
Sky Bet Horse Racing Page
Sky Bet Football Coupons Page
Output & remarks.

The single platform is now much more stable and maintainable. It has a new UI that is closer to the master brand (Sky - playing on the trust that you get from a big brand name) and the Product Design team find it much easier to deliver consistent UI and experiences for their customers using the new component library.

Clearly this was a lengthy project that came with a lot of pressure and nervousness, it was a tribe wide project that I was very much at the centre of and I’m proud of what we achieved.

The Sky Bet product continues to grow and will do for many years to come due to the success of this piece of work.